Learn How to Register Domain Names and Make Money Online

Learn How to Register Domain Names and Make Money Online

Late last year Nike, the American corporation bid $10,000 for the domain name Ni.ke. Loy Orkizie from Techloy called it a steal at that price. This statement and the way Nike placed the bid is a testament to the value of a domain name. Ni.ke became available through the Kenya Network Information Centre, facilitation of the African country’s Communication Authority, introduced its second TLD (Top Level Domain), .ke. A young Kenyan man was scrolling through domain registries when he realized that Ni.ke was available and placed a $10 bid on the name. Nike then placed the $10,000 bid, outbidding the man by 1000%.

This highlights the importance of a domain name even for multi-billion companies. There is a whole industry based on flipping domain names like real estate. If you consider it, a domain is like an internet’s real estate since a domain name determines the company’s internet address. If your company is called platinum bar, you will adequately be prepared to pay an arm for the domain platinumbar.com. This is where online sites like Namejet are making their money.

How can you make money registering domain names?

The first thing you need to do is to register a domain name. You can always try flipping unregistered domain names on GoDaddy, but they do not have as much profit as registered domains. A domain is only registered through an accredited domain registry. You can find a list of domain registries online. For example, the GoDaddy above is one of the most popular domain registries. The hardest part of registering a domain name though is thinking of a good domain name. Companies and individuals usually use a domain name as close to the company or event as possible. For example, for Jane and Johns wedding, the ideal domain would be janeandjohnwedding.com. Thinking of a domain name that can earn good value is hard.

Namejet domain name auction site

Namejet is a site where expired domains are auction off to the public. The starting bid is $69. On this site, you can get domains that you can flip for up to 10 times what you bought it for. Remember this site is not for unwanted domains just domains whose owners have forgotten about them, have died or do not need the domain anymore.

If you have an idea for a domain that you are sure will fetch a good price, pay for the domain name as soon as possible to get and claim the domain name immediately. If you do not have a web host, you can let the domain register park the name on a temporary website until you flip it. This will point the domain name to a model webpage. Most registers park the name even if you do not ask.

Now you can start making money selling domains. You can make as much as ten times what you buy it for if it is a valuable domain.


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